Recruitment Related Services

We are the leaders in recruiting related services in both the national and international market. We offer a wide range of services to our clients. Our years of experience in servicing clients have made us leader in the segment. We are committed to provide one stop solution to our clients. Our in-depth expertise lies in finding the right resources for the position. We are successful because we have experienced, motivated and a very qualified team. We have a record of delivering success at each level, which makes us happy and thus we have successful clients.


We at Headhunter specialize in senior and mid level profile search. We provide our clients with quality and strategic placement services both nationally and internationally. We serve almost all major industries including shipping, automobile, IT, mining, and FMCG and service sector. We understand your requirement that is why we are able to satisfy the recruitment of senior and high-level resources for years. Our professional and experienced team can identify the right resources for your mission critical positions. Our efficiency and pro-active approach gives us fast results. With a highly professional, efficient, motivated, and qualified team avail yourself the right resource for the right position.


We also specialize in Confidential Assignments. We understand that employees need to keep certain information confidential. Our years of experience in dealing with various top-level positions in different area of expertise makes us the best company in Confidential Assignments. We have in-house team of experienced lawyers. We provide tailored made Confidential Assignment contracts. We make all Confidentiality and Invention Assignment agreement with respect to all the laws and regulations. No doubt, we have worked with some of the best employers in the industry. We are one of the most reputed companies in Confidential Assignments.


Our team is very experienced in verifying referral checks of the candidates. We do a thorough investigation on referrals for each candidate. We make sure that our clients get the most genuine resource. We do all types of necessary background checks. We also undertake job specific background checks on our customers demand. We send all the information and referralinformationafter we review it and are satisfied.


Our unique methodology of working with diverse clients has made us the preferred name in the industry. Our sheer professionalism, commitment, and motivation to serve better has given us the top place in Recruitment Relates Services business.